3 steps towards ticket sales

BusSystem - The first open system for ticket sales and passenger transport management.

BusSystem is a cloud based automated system for the electronic sale of tickets. The system has been developed for use by companies which undertake the transportation of passengers on regular, charter, custom or tourist routes. The system allows for the management of reservations, tariffs and discounts, the creation and management of an agent network, the placing of the sales system on websites, publishing timetables, selling tickets online, and the use of a combined network of third-party systems.

When you complete registration for the system, a carrier’s private office will be created. To add and activate a route within the sales system, the following data is required: cities, stations, departure time for each site, days of departure, travel fares, discounts, and conditions for the transportation of luggage, conditions for the return of tickets, contact details of the officers in charge and the crew. Additional information may also be required such as: photos of vehicles, categories of vehicles, route ownership, seat plans, and additional information for passengers.

After you have received FULL access and activated a bus route on the system, you will be able to use the following system functions: edit timetable, modify departure and arrival points, manage discounts, create and manage agents, use iFrame as HTML code or a common link. An individual business website with a form for searching and buying tickets is provided.

To start ticket sales on the network of integrated systems, it is necessary to activate this service in the carrier’s private office by signing the online offer agreement within the system consolidator. After this service is activated, tickets for the carrier’s route will be available for sale on the entire global sales network, as well as at bus station ticket offices, sales offices, at the largest Internet resources, in kiosk networks, at bank offices and throughout all the sales channels available.

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To begin working in the system for passenger transport management please register.

For DEMO access, data for entering into the test mode traffic control system will be sent to your email.

To gain FULL access you will need to submit an order for connection, and once considered you will be contacted to refine the details of the connection.
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To receive test access to the traffic control system please register.

After registration, data for gaining test access will be sent to your email.

To gain FULL access you need to submit an order for connection, and once considered you will be contacted to refine the details of the connection.
Entering a route

OFFLINE agents

A carrier creates access codes for agencies of its own, and for ticket sales for its own routes. It allows for the automating of the process of agent network management, control and management of reservations, and automating adjustment of tariffs as the route is being filled. It also allows for the automating of reporting from an agent network, sending reconciliation statements and certificates of completion, and controlling reports on each agent. An agent may also create and manage their own subagent network.

ONLINE agents

The private office has the option of creating HTML code or a common search engine link on websites or on social networks. This option allows the distribution of information of the bus routes on the Internet independently.

Connecting a payment system

A carrier has the opportunity to connect its own payment system for acceptance of online payments for tickets. For example, PayPal, Yandex Money, Platon, LiqPay

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Peculiarities of the System
- Control of seat sales
- Route management
- A ticket with a QR code
- Changes in the ticket
- A card in the ticket
- Notification of sales
- Route adjustment
- Setting limits
- Working with tariffs
- Seasonal discounts
- Special offer schedule
- Bus routes at any website
- Creating sellers
- Control of sales
- Report sending
- Sales in ANDROID

Use of the integrated systems includes all the sales channels of BusSystem. Tickets of a carrier will be sold at bus stations, in tourist company and agency networks, in kiosks, in bank offices, by the largest Internet resources and in sales networks of partner systems. Consolidation of the proceeds and settlements with the carrier are made by BusSystem consolidator.

Methods and places for payment

- Bank cards: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro
- Platon
- Yandex Money
- LiqPay
- PrivatBank
- UkrSibBank
- Terminals E-PAY
- Terminals EuroPay
- PayU
- PayPal
- Contact

Opportunity to sell tickets for the entire BusSystem network

A carrier has the opportunity to sell tickets for bus routes which are available in BusSystem. It helps to attract additional customers by being able to transfer passengers to adjacent routes along a route.

Cost of use

Use of the main functions of the system is free of charge.

Additional system components are provided for an extra fee, and the list of prices can be found here.

United systems

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